Custom White Midsleeper with optional furniture


To create our range of sizes, we have to modify standard size bedframes.

The custom cabin bed is available in a range of lengths and widths which we are able to create in our bespoke workshop.

Matching underbed furniture can be added, but once the bed has been shortened, the furniture will not fit as shown in the images. For beds where the overall length has been reduced, we would recommend that the 4 cube unit be spanned behind the back of the ladder, with both doors positioned one above the other in the cubes that are not behind the ladder. The 4 drawer chest or pull out desk will then have sufficient room to be fitted in the remaining space.

We are also able to reduce the height of the custom cabin bed, but if you have the height reduced, the underbed furniture will no longer fit. If you wish to have your bed height reduced, please let us know what height you wish your bed to be by entering your requirements in the comments box at checkout.

The Custom cabin bed is available in a solid white finish. We are able to modify our Custom beds for length, width and height, which makes them very adaptable to fit into the most awkward of spaces.

Select the overall length and width your bed needs to be to fit into the space you have available in your room.

Choose between 2 types of mattress and a range of accessories to complement your bed.

To help with assembly of your bed, please click on the ‘Advice for assembly’ link at the bottom of the page for some handy tips based on our years of experience.

Enter overall height or underbed height into text box if you require height adjustment

Additional Information

The Custom White Midsleeper Cabin bed is the basic frame for our custom range, which can have your choice of underbed furniture added to it.. Shorty Cabin beds frames are perfect for your little ones bedroom, it’s simple yet modern design allows room underneath for whatever your child would like. Their imagination can go wild with ideas of how to use the space. The fixed ladder enables easy access to the top, while the safety rails ensure a safe nights sleep.

Custom shorty cabin beds are finished in a solid white non-toxic lacquer, and made from long lasting solid wood. This bed is sure to last the test of time, no matter what your kid throws at it.

To help with assembly of your shorty cabin bed, please click on the ‘Advice for assembly’ link at the bottom of the page for some handy tips based on our years of experience.


Ladder Can be positioned to left or right of the bed
Overall height Height to top of frame : 117cm (amendable)
Top of mattress Ht Approx Height to top of mattress : 92.5cm (amendable)
Underbed clearance 72.5cm (amendable)
Delivery Within 4 weeks

Our main styles of beds for small rooms are short beds and narrow beds. Boxroombeds’ beds are the ideal short beds for box rooms, starting from 163cm in length. We also have a range of narrower beds available, which start from 79cm in width. Our ultimate space saving beds are both short and narrow, available in a range of configurations to perfectly fit your room. Our smaller beds are not a compromise on comfort or style, however! We have manufactured all of our beds for superior durability and comfortable sleeping. They are available in a range of colours and styles to suit your room.

A bed is a crucial piece of furniture for any bedroom, and this is especially true for a box room where space is limited. Let us at Box room beds help you choose the right solution for your small room.

Standard Mattress

Standard Mattress

A good quality standard sprung mattress, constructed from conventional springs all connected together into a rectangular matrix made to measure for your particular bed. The springs are 3″ in diameter, resulting in a spring density of 16 springs per sq foot.

The spring matrix is then covered top and bottom in conventional cotton padding and then covered in a cream and blue striped quilted cotton cover.


Luxury Mattress

Luxury 'Non Turn' Mattress

This mattress has been developed to provide your child with the ultimate in supportive sleep, with 32 individually wrapped pocket springs per square foot of mattress. The springs are topped with a 1 inch thick layer of premium quality memory foam, and the mattress is finished off in a keep cool cover which prevents any overheating from the memory foam.

Customers absolutely love these mattresses, frequently upgrading their other childrens mattresses to these.


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