Cabin Beds for Box Rooms​

Box room beds produce a wide range of sizes for Cabin beds, for box rooms.

.All our beds can be altered to fit most small rooms and don’t forget with our range of sprung mattresses, we can provide you with the correct size mattress to fit your bed

We can supply a large range of short and narrow cabin beds with matching furniture, to enable you to get the most out of your box or small room. 

Our Cabin Bed products
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Nordic Bunk bed Grey headboard - bunk bed for box room

Bunk Beds

Loft Bed - Loft bed for box room and small room

Loft Beds

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Space Saving Cabin Beds for Small Rooms

Our main styles of beds for small rooms are short beds and narrow beds. Boxroombeds’ Cabin beds are the ideal short beds for box rooms, starting from 163cm in length. We also have a range of narrower beds available, which start from 79cm in width. Our ultimate space saving beds are both short and narrow, available in a range of configurations to perfectly fit your room. Our smaller beds are not a compromise on comfort or style, however! We have manufactured all of our beds for superior durability and comfortable sleeping. They are available in a range of colours and styles to suit your room.

Loft Beds for Box Rooms

Our range of Loft beds are a great solution for small bedrooms. These beds allow extra space for desks, drawers, and other bedroom furniture items below the bed. Our loft beds for small rooms are available with straight ladders, which can attach to either side of the bed. We can also provide bedroom furniture to accompany your new loft bed, including chair beds for extra sleeping space and desks for that all important workspace.

Bunk Beds for small rooms

Ultimately, everyone’s looking to make the most of the space they have, especially when it comes to small rooms, which can easily become cluttered with clothes and personal possessions. Bunkbeds are a great space-saving solution. Ours have been designed to achieve comfort and style while taking up no more room than necessary, ideal beds for small rooms

Boxroombeds provide bunk beds that can be altered to a range of sizes with a full-length rear safety rail on the top bunk. The bottom safety rails are available to be added as an optional extra. The bunk beds can be altered and start from 165cm, upto the unmodified 210cm, to enable you to maximise the available size in your small room. Finally, the ladder can be placed on the left or right hand side of the bed.

Our Nordic Bunk Beds come with a range of headboards colours so that it fits in with the colour scheme of your small room.

With our HiT bunkbed we can modify the length and width, which makes them very adaptable to fit into the most awkward of spaces of any small room.

Standard Mattress

Standard Mattress

A good quality standard sprung mattress, constructed from conventional springs all connected together into a rectangular matrix made to measure for your particular bed. The springs are 3″ in diameter, resulting in a spring density of 16 springs per sq foot.

The spring matrix is then covered top and bottom in conventional cotton padding and then covered in a cream and blue striped quilted cotton cover.


Luxury Mattress

Luxury 'Non Turn' Mattress

This mattress has been developed to provide your child with the ultimate in supportive sleep, with 32 individually wrapped pocket springs per square foot of mattress. The springs are topped with a 1 inch thick layer of premium quality memory foam, and the mattress is finished off in a keep cool cover which prevents any overheating from the memory foam.

Customers absolutely love these mattresses, frequently upgrading their other childrens mattresses to these.


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