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Eli White Midsleeper with Desk & Cube


Furniture included:

Bed frame with choice of headboard colour

4 cube unit

2 cube doors

Pull out desk

Drinks shelf (headboard colour)


To create our range of sizes, we have to modify standard size bedframes.

Please select the overall length your bed needs to be to fit into the space you have available in your room. Remove any of the furniture you don’t require.

We cannot modify the width of Stompa beds. The width of your bed will be 98cm (+29cm for the steps).

A made to measure mattress can be selected from the drop down box.

Additional Information

A shorty cabin bed is a space-saving solution for a small room that includes a bed frame with a choice of headboard color. Along with this, it comes with two 4 cube units, and desk.  This furniture setup provides ample storage space for books, toys, and other belongings, while also providing a cozy sleeping area. The headboard color options allow for customization to match any room’s decor.

Ladder Can be positioned to left or right of the bed
Overall Height / Width Height: 120cm Width: 98cm (+29cm for steps)
Top of mattress Ht Approx Height to top of mattress : 94cm
Underbed clearance 74cm
Delivery Within 4 weeks

Advice for Bed Shown

Picture shown is for an unmodified bed length (209cm). Once the beds are shortened, they will not fit all the furniture as shown.  For a shortened bed, we have the following suggestions:

To keep the pull out desk and the 4 cube unit,  overlap the 2 cubes nearest to the ladder behind the back of the ladder. This would leave the 2 cubes furthest from the ladder free of obstruction, and you could put 2 doors on these 2 cubes (one above the other).

If you only require the desk or the 2 cube unit, there are no problems using either of these alone with a shortened bed.

To help with assembly of your bed, please click on the ‘Advice for assembly’ link at the bottom of the page for some handy tips based on our years of experience.

Standard Mattress

Standard Mattress

A good quality standard sprung mattress, constructed from conventional springs all connected together into a rectangular matrix made to measure for your particular bed. The springs are 3″ in diameter, resulting in a spring density of 16 springs per sq foot.

The spring matrix is then covered top and bottom in conventional cotton padding and then covered in a cream and blue striped quilted cotton cover.


Luxury Mattress

Luxury 'Non Turn' Mattress

This mattress has been developed to provide your child with the ultimate in supportive sleep, with 32 individually wrapped pocket springs per square foot of mattress. The springs are topped with a 1 inch thick layer of premium quality memory foam, and the mattress is finished off in a keep cool cover which prevents any overheating from the memory foam.

Customers absolutely love these mattresses, frequently upgrading their other childrens mattresses to these.


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